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Alister, the Badlands Beacon

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Alister, the Badlands Beacon Empty Alister, the Badlands Beacon

Post by Prince on Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:15 pm

#181, Ampharos | The Light Pokémon
Basic Info:
Age: 26
Gender: Male | He / Him
Height: 4ft 11in | 1.49m
Weight: 100.5lbs | 45kg
Level: 56
Ability: Static
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Dex Entry: "The tip of its tail shines brightly. In the olden days, people sent signals using the tail's light." -Black / White
Item(s): Red Scarf
  • Thunder Punch
  • Thunder Shock
  • Electro Ball
  • Wild Charge

Team: Dune Team


Alister is, simply put, less than pleasant. He's very typically in a grumpy and angry mood, and it'd take a lot to get him to even begin to warm up to you. Due to his past, he makes sure not to trust anyone too soon, and typically stays to himself. Though, he can be very manipulative, and can figure a Pokemon out pretty quickly in order to hit their weak spot; whether that's physically or mentally. He's definitely not afraid to get dirty or do something drastic if it means he gets what he wants.
Being older, he has a lot of experience in battle, and is a formidable foe. Previously being a contest Pokemon, he learned a lot of powerful moves to fit in the 'Cool' category, and also practiced constantly to do exactly as his trainer wanted in terms of moves.


Alister is covered in scars. It's not always visible due to his lightly toned fur, but they've been there awhile. Most were caused by battles and from his hobby of theft. He's also taller than average, and beefier despite his obvious lack of weight. Other than that, he looks pretty normal for an Ampharos, besides a lot of dirt and sand clotted in his fur.


Bred and trained to be a contest Pokemon, Alister was pampered in his younger years. His trainer wanted to make sure he was in tip-top shape for everything, and he could appreciate his trainer's drive, after all, she raised him. He played along, learning moves to be the best in show, and making sure everything was perfect. Admittedly, he only really wanted to please his trainer.
After awhile though, he came across abusive trainers, only wanting their Pokemon to win so they could show them off like some sort of trophy, instead of a living creature. He became angry and scornful because of this, and the last straw was when he saw an older man hit his, rather tiny, Kirlia. Angered beyond belief, he leapt and attacked the man, breaking the Kirlia's Pokeball in the process to free her. After that incident, he became increasingly violent and vicious, despising the entire human race. At one point, he even began to attack his trainer. This behavior led to him being released into the wild as an Ampharos; the only sentimental object of his past being a red bandanna that he kept wrapped around his neck at all times.
As he grew older, he began to steal from humans. This included food, items, TMs, and all sorts of things. Of course though, being scarred by his previous life, he had trust issues, and never shared or got close to any other Pokemon. Of course, when the apocalypse hit, he wasn't phased in the slightest. Never having any friends or family meant that not much had changed besides food becoming scarce. Now, he simply wanders, hoping to loot broken down towns for anything he can use.


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Alister, the Badlands Beacon Empty Re: Alister, the Badlands Beacon

Post by Jirachi on Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:34 pm

Approved! Welcome to the Wastelands!


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