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Creating a Character

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Creating a Character Empty Creating a Character

Post by Giratina on Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:49 pm


Creating a character is the first step roleplaying in Scattered Debris. It's also probably the most important one. Please read over the rules before stting up your profile.

Also, you will need to click 'Edit Profile' in the top bar, and change your preference for 'Always use HTML' to 'Yes' for the coding to work.

  • Legendaries are strictly for admins/mods use only.
  • Background information of the world.
  • Below is the HTML coding for a profile. Feel free to use it, however, if you prefer a simplified version, you can go here.
  • When creating a character, Bulbapedia and Serebii are reliable resources for biological information. Consistency in character and the actual species is needed.
  • If it's not official art, remember to credit and source your image to the artist in notes.
  • As your character develops in roleplay, its essential that you update the profile and keep track of stats and experience. That is strictly member's responsibilities, not admins. As you post, you gain experience. 1% for every post you make, and 5% for every move your Pokémon uses.
  • When stating your team, please ensure that the team is open and available to you by the time the profile was done.
  • When your character is finished and ready for approval, comment on the thread for its approval and it'll be moved to the creation thread for approval. If it's already in the creation thread, then all there is to it is to wait for approval. Please note: approval may take a while, to ensure characters aren't too OP for roleplay.
  • We encourage you to lean towards less-developed or well-rounded characters during roleplay.
  • If you have any comments, questions, concerns regarding profiles, feel free to comment or PM admins.
  • You can find the HTML coding for the profile coding in here. Highlighted in yellow are information you fill out, comments are added in the side for your knowledge. Here's a live example of the profile if the information is filled and the coding is used properly and below is the blank profile template.


#, Name the _____ Pokémon
Basic Info:
Age: AgeHere
Gender: GenderHere (Pronouns)
Height: Height (Both feet and meters)
Weight: Weight (Both lb and kg)
Level: LevelHere
Ability: AbilityName
Nature: NatureHere
Characteristic: Characteristic Here
Dex Entry: "InsertDexEntry" -GameofDexEntry
Item(s): Item(s) a character has on them
  • InsertMove1here
  • InsertMove2here
  • InsertMove3here
  • InsertMove4here
Team: Insert team here
  • Notes can include various drabbles about a character. Can also include OOC notes.


    Insert personality here


    Insert appearance here


    Insert history here

    layout base credit to photosynthesis @dw.
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