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Getting Started Empty Getting Started

Post by Yveltal on Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:00 am


In Scattered Debris, there are multiple storylines, each focusing on a particular group of pokémon as they attempt to navigate the world as it currently is, whether for a unified goal, for each of their self-interests, or an aimless journey to simply survive. Each group of pokémon can start off in any of the regions listed under the roleplay sector of the forum, in their own team threads. However, before all of that, you will have to make a character and select or create a team for you to join or lead.

I. Character Creation
You can first begin to make your character in the Character Creation sector of the forum. You can start off by first reading Creating A Character if you haven't done so already to get an idea of what to do, or browse through already existing profiles if you are unsure (or ask another member/staff). Once you are ready to make a profile, simply create a new topic in the Character Creation forum. The title should contain the name of your pokémon and their species or a general, brief description; any extraneous information is up to you, but it would be preferable that you don't make the title too long. If you are unfinished with the profile at the time of posting, be sure to put "WIP" somewhere in your title so that the profile administrators, can move it to the appropriate sub-section.

On the other hand, if you are ready, then make sure your title contains your character's name, species/title, and a team you would like to join. If you are creating a team, label yourself as leader of that team. If you do not care what team you are placed in, then put "Any Team" or something similar; in that case, the profile administrators will choose a team for you. If your profile lacks the appropriate information in the title, it will not be approved until it is. Once your profile is ready, leave a reply to it reading that the profile is ready to be approved. At that point, either the profile administrator will come and look it over for consistency and logic, as well as to check that all required information is present. If there is anything we would like you to add or revise, then we will tell you; otherwise, if we say the profile is approved, then it will be moved to the appropriate sub-section and you are free to begin roleplaying.

II. Joining a Team
As previously mentioned, you can either join an already existing team, or create a new one. In the case that you would like to create a new team, you should create a draft of what you have planned for your team to do and send it in to one of the administrators, where we will then discuss. Upon approval, you will receive the appropriate answer, and you may post your profile with your team's name and your status as the team's leader. Knowing the team's leader is important, as they will always come first in the rp turn cycle. If you would like to join an already existing team, first check to see if the team is open for new members; if so, then feel free to write the name of the team in your profile title, and you will be added. Teams are first come, first serve; if a team fills and closes before you are able to apply, then sorry, but that's it.

All teams are played in a rpg-style turn-based cycle. What this means is that all characters in a team will be placed in a posting order, and are expected to post exactly in the order of that posting order. Skipping over another teammate or posting out of turn will be seen as a misdemeanor if done on purpose, and can get you warning, or suspended if the offense done multiple times.

At the time, the time limit to post for a team is 4 days. This is to ensure that a team keeps going on smoothly, instead of being forced to stall because of one individual who does not post. If you fail to post after 72 hours (3 days), then a message will be sent to notify you that it is your turn. If you are unable to post for whatever reason (school, home, work, et cetera), then say so. We are a very lenient community with a staff who try to be very understanding; we will not bite if you are too swamped to post. If that is the case, then we can have your turn skipped for you, or you can post a turn skip yourself. Just be honest; an informed skip will not count against you.

If you fail to post after 96 hours (4 days), then a staff member will leave a notice on the team to penalty skip that member's turn. This skip will be allowed a maximum of two times; should you fail to post in the 4-day limit for a third time, then you will be dropped from the team and a notice will be sent to you accordingly, as well as the team. You will still be allowed to re-apply for the team, should you want to continue rp; however, if you are dropped twice, then you will be suspended from roleplay for a short period of time. You will still be able to access the forum, but barred from participating in rp until the suspension time has passed.

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