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The Dune Team

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The Dune Team Empty The Dune Team

Post by Prince on Fri Apr 24, 2015 12:26 am

The Dune Team Tumblr_nnaoofxBSe1u7w517o1_500
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Planting his hooves in the sand as it collapsed under them, the Ampharos looked up at the sun that coated the area in a bright light and dry heat. He had been walking, more like wandering, or how many days now? Five? Six? He'd lost count. It had been awhile since he last found anything worth investigating, and he was beginning to get sick of sand. He didn't want to see another grain ever again once he escaped this vast ocean of the stuff. Groaning, he tugged on his bandanna, loosening it to allow more air to flow through it and down his neck. "Shit...!" he cursed, letting out another puff of breath, "When will I ever get outta this place?! I'm so god damn sick of all this fuckin' shitty sand!"

Collapsing, his entire body falling into the waves of the sandy ocean, he grumbled. He was tired. Tired of all this sand, tired of walking, tired of even attempting to survive anymore. His body was already beginning to enter its older years, and part of him questioned if this was some kind of mid-life crisis. Peering up from on top of the dune, he looked back up at the sun, cursing at it from under his breath; as if yelling profanities wasn't enough.

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The Dune Team Empty Re: The Dune Team

Post by Phyrra on Tue May 05, 2015 9:21 pm

The Dune Team Tumblr_mkcjaqfng41s9d8iqo1_540

Endless sand has a way of playing with your mind. Phyrra no longer had any idea of what direction she had flown into the desert from, because it had been night at the time and she hadn't been paying attention to the stars. She was beginning to think that she would never find her way out. It was really stupid of her, actually. She knew better than this. She had to find a way to prevent her emotions from threatening her life like this. There was no food or water to be found here, and she hadn't eaten anything since long before she had found all of this sand. She would need to find some food soon if she planned on living.

What had this area been before the catastrophe? It could have been a grass plain for all she knew. There could be anything under the sand, even things that could be a threat to her. She had no choice but to keep flying. The sun was blinding, but the heat didn't bother her. It probably even helped her strength a little bit.

There was something to her right and ahead of her. It was the first thing she had seen in a while that wasn't her own shadow. It was hard to tell from far away with the bright sun, all she saw for a while was black and yellow stripes. As she got closer, she could see what it was. Before she lost everything, mareep where a sizable part of her diet, and the farmers hated her for it. Becasue of this, she didn't know if she should treat this Ampharos as friend, foe, or food.

Her shadow fell over the other pokemon as she landed in the sand.

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