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The History of the World

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The History of the World Empty The History of the World

Post by Jirachi on Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:26 pm


The Earth began as a hunk of rock in Space. Of course, Arceus had already been born and decided to create the world to suit its tastes and liking. It created many children to help guard the world and its inhabitants. These Pokemon would be known to be the Legendary Pokemon that would take care of this new world.

Of course, Arceus also created humans as its children. But things started to go downhill when the humans gained higher sentience than the Pokemon and developed the Pokeball. Arceus saw this development through, and was outraged, but it decided to let things take their course and hoped that the humans would just become their own demise. Though, when this didn't happen, Arceus decided to turn its back on this world, leaving all of its children to do as they pleased.

Eventually, humans became much more powerful, developing technology and even creating their own Pokemon; even if it ended in failure in its own right.

Finally, though, Arceus returned, gazing down at the world it had long lost hope in. And to its surprise, its Pokemon were happy in such an environment. Humans even praised Arceus itself. However, the God was still angry that things had not come to pass as expected. Enraged, it reared its front legs and struck the atmosphere, creating a blast that swept the land below. Of course, being so angry, the violent God had miscalculated, and there were still some survivors. They all seemed to be Pokemon, which was to be expected as humans were not exactly the most well armed for such a thing.

Though, almost all life had been destroyed. The world had almost reverted back to its original phase, just a hunk of rock, sand, and dirt. As the legendary Pokemon tucked themselves away, mostly to avoid their cruel creator's fury, they hoped that things would change; yet they did nothing but cower. Hope ran scarce.

But not all hope was completely lost. The survivors of this apocalypse could still manage to restore the world, if they can survive long enough.

layout base credit to photosynthesis @dw.

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