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Post by Yveltal on Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:16 pm



Welcome to Scattered Debris, a small, interactive, pokémon-based roleplay forum set in a post-apocalyptic world, where few have survived and even fewer still struggle to survive. While we encourage player freedom and creativity, there are certain rules to be implemented and followed during your stay here. They're simple rules and should be easy enough to follow. If there is a complaint to be voiced, then it can be brought up in another forum branch and will be discussed with the administrators as a whole. The rules are as follows:

I. All avatars must be pokémon related.
This is a pokémon roleplay site. For convenience and also a fun way to integrate into the site, we request that all of our members utilise pokémon-related icons. After all, it is a good way to get into the atmosphere. It would also be preferable if you credit your icon somewhere, such as in your site signature if you are not the one who drew it.

II. "God-mod" is not allowed.
"God-mod" is a term that defines a character that is essentially a Mary Sue; they hold unimaginable power and seem to have no limits, never get hurt, always seem to come out on top -- et cetera. Naturally, this kind of rp is highly unfair to those you are rping with or against, and will not be tolerated. Just because the legendaries are called 'gods' does not mean that there will not be a day when they, too, fall.

III. No metagaming.
"Metagaming" is defined as the action of using outside resources (in this case, information that the player knows but the character does not) to boost your character in roleplay. Your character knows what it has learned from its own life and experiences and own intuition; it is disallowed to artificially plant information your character couldn't possibly have known, just because you are aware of said knowledge.

IV. Be courteous to one another.
Being rude to another, disrespect to the administrators / moderators, and general extreme misconduct will not be tolerated. In general, for every fault committed, a warning will be given; as tradition states, three strikes will give you a suspension, or possibly even a ban, depending on how serious the offense is. This site exists to let its users have fun -- should you choose to disrupt that atmosphere, then there will be no hesitation to remedy it.

layout base credit to photosynthesis @dw.


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